General Rules

General rules:

All the principals and procedure at Kia Gallery is based on online shopping regulations and customer protection law in the Islamic Republic of Iran and consequently the user must respect and act upon the regulations.

 Please note that any changes in Kia Gallery’s policies and regulations will be updated on the website and you will be notified of any updates by visiting our website on a regular basis.

Policies to Respect the User’s Privacy:

In order to shop online or to use some of the services on the website, Kia Gallery requests some information such as phone/cellphone number, Address and etc. and ensures that this information is kept safe. For this purpose Kia Gallery has developed its website's safety with the most up-to-date methods.

Please note that all the materials on the website such as texts, icons, graphic designs and etc. are made by Kia Gallery and are its properties.

Therefore Kia Gallery is the only legal user and using Kia Gallery's properties without written permission will be against the law.

Besides, all the names for the services provided by Kia Gallery and the trademarks on the website belong to Kia Gallery and using them is considered illegal. Users are not allowed to use the product lists, technical specifications, prices or any of the services or materials on Kia Gallery’s website or the Telegram robot for business purposes. Plus, users will be responsible for their own accounts.

Our website and is our only official contact point.

Placing Order and Shipping:

Our working days are from Saturday to Thursday, not including national holidays in Iran. All the orders placed on working days are shipped the first working day after holidays.

Kia Gallery has made it possible for the users to place their orders 24/7.

If there are any problems while processing the cart such as declining the purchase by the customer, the cost paid by them will be returned to their bank accounts within 24-48 business hours.

Kia Gallery has the right to stop receiving new orders and all the orders before being processed and shipped. The right to stop selling all or a part of the products, due to any reasons such as being sold out, is with Kia Gallery without any notifications beforehand.

If there are any errors with the price of the items on our website, Kia Gallery can cancel the order.

Kia Gallery will return the costs to the user’s bank accounts as soon as possible. Users agree with the term mentioned above by signing in.

Users must fill in the order form carefully and completely when they place their orders. Otherwise, orders with incomplete/incorect postal address, email or phone number will not be registred nor delivered.

In addition, customers can enter someone else’s information for the order to be delivered to. In this case, the receiver has to show an ID  to be given the order.

Kia Gallery will not provide delivery to public places (park, shopping center, airport , ...)

Kia Gallery is responsible for delivering the order to the confirmed location. If the customer is not available, they have to pay the costs including shipping fees.

Exceptional Conditions:

All the customer rules and conditions on the website are for normal conditions. If in case of any occuance, Kia Gallery doesn’t take any responsibilities.

Kia Gallery is in full respect of the costumers privacy. We would appreciate if you inform us of any inconvinience.

Damage during Shipping:

Kia Gallery will be in charge for any damage to the orders during shipping.

In case of receiving a damaged item, you are required to inform Kia Gallery within 24 hours. Customres are also required to provide Kia Gallery all the appurtenances, recipt and the pack.

The Deadline for Testing:

For the ease of customers, all purchases come with a 3-day return guarantee and a 7-day unconditional exchange guarantee.

It is to note that the problems with the products will be checked by the Kia Gallery’s staff and if the problem is verified, customers can make use of the above mentioned guarantees. Of course, the problems caused by misusing the products are not included in the guarantee.

If the product is not sent back in its right initial conditions, it won’t be possible to be returned or exchanged.

If the product which is to change is not available then, the cost will be returned to the customer’s bank account and the fluctuations in the prices won’t be effective.

Since the rate for gold changes on a daily basis, in case the order is exchanged, the responsibility for the drop in the price is with Kia Gallery and the rise is with the customer.

In case the product is out of stack, it takes 2-3 weeks to get it ready again and if declined by customer, the cost will be returned to the customer’s bank account.


Kia Gallery aims provide its customers with the best services. However, it doesn’t guarantee that all the descriptions of products or other materials are free of error. If the delivered product is different from the way it’s described, the best solution is to return it before using the product.

Kia Gallery is not responsible for the webpages error. If there is something wrong with the website for any reasons (including internet problems, workforce, equipment breaking down, etc.), the liability is not on Kia Gallery.

All the contents on Kia Gallery website is covered by copy right policies and belong to Kia Gallery’s website.

Pricing Policy:

Kia Gallery’s policy for pricing is to respect its customers and their rights. The prices are based on the legal procedure approved in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

With all respect to the customers, Kia Gallery can’t specify the final price of dollar. In very rare  cases, due to some fluctuations or mistakes in pricing, if an order cannot be delivered, Kia Gallery has to inform the customer as soon as possible and cancel the order. Prices include tax and customers don’t have to pay any additional costs for it. The costs of shipping and packaging will be specified separately.

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