Shopping Guide

To find the item you are looking for, you can use the 3 methods below:



1. you can use the search bar to enter your chosen product’s code.



2.You can choose a category (e.g. ring, earring, etc.) and see all the products in that category.



3.You are able to filter the items by gender, price range and etc.





After selecting your item, you may choose the features such as size, stone color, leather color and etc. before adding it to your cart.



you can repeat the steps again in order to add more items to your cart.




Please note that you have 30 minutes to complete your purchase. Otherwise, the items will be removed from your cart.


After choosing your item and adding them to your cart, you need to sign in to Kia Gallery.



If you are already registered, enter your username and password to sign in.



If you are not a member yet, you can easily become one by entering your email and personal information. After signing in to Kia Gallery, your information is incomplete, you may complete/edit your personal information if neccesary. 




Purchases in Tehran will be delivered according to the customers time preference.



orders made for other cities will be delivered the next day if the order has been put between saturday and wednesday.orders made on our none workings days.including national holidays will be delivered the first following working day.





Please review all the details completing your purchaes.


There are two payment methods:


You can pay online by using all cards of Shetab network.


To pay, you must enter required card details.



Costumers in Tehran can pay in cash when the products is delivered to them.

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